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Sagebrush Hill Group, LLC, is a finance, banking, economic development and gaming advisory acquisition and development company.

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Derrick Watchman, President

Sagebrush Hill Group is owned by Derrick Watchman and is based in Window Rock, Arizona, on the Navajo Nation.

Watchman is an experienced financial professional with years of banking, gaming, economic development and tribal government experience. Through Sagebrush Hill Group, he advises tribal financing opportunities, corporate-tribal affairs and economic development.

He was a banker with Prudential Capital, Wells Fargo and Chase where he handled primarily Native American banking. He was also the chief executive officer and chief financial officer for the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise, the tribal gaming operations.

He also serves as board chairman of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development and as vice chairman of the Native American Bancorp Holding Company. He has an MBA from the University of California and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona in finance and accounting.

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